Completed Tagteam Cycling Routes

WHERE WE HAVE BEEN. The colored lines on this map represent where we have tagteam cycled since 1 Aug 2015. BLUE lines = 2015, YELLOW lines = 2016, RED lines = 2017. We will continue to update this map as we complete additional route segments (we are not done yet!).

Our Plans for 2017

The images below give a reasonable approximation of where we intend to tagteam cycle in 2017.  If we happen to be passing through your neck of the woods, please consider sharing our adventure by coming out and camping with us for a day or two, just stop by and say hi, or wave at us as we pass by!  If you don't have our phone numbers or e-mail, you can use the Blog's Contact Form to arrange a rendezvous with us.

Click on any of the map images below to see a larger version of the same.

May 2017

June 2017

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017
- Seattle, WA to Eugene, OR

October & November 2017

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